Climate Data For The Carlsbad, NM Airport (July 2016) - A Hot Month & One For The Record Books.


This past July the Carlsbad Airport ASOS recorded a high temperature of 100ºF or higher 16 days in a row ( July 3rd - July 18th). So this is the second highest number of days in a row that this has occurred (1930-2016) at the Carlsbad Airport. The summer of 1965 (June 25 - July 14th) saw 20 days in a row that were 100ºF or higher. 

So far the Carlsbad Airport ASOS has recorded 32 days (10 days in June and 22 days in July) that the temperature has reached 100ºF or higher. 2011 saw 75 days in which the thermometer hit 100ºF or higher. 

The average daily high temperature at the Carlsbad Airport for July of this year was 102.4ºF. This makes this July the hottest on record as far as the average monthly daily high temperature is concerned. The previous record occurred in July of 1998 with an average daily high temperature of 101.5ºF. So July of this year recorded the second all time highest daily monthly average high temperature. Second only to June of 2011 with an average of 103.9ºF

The highest temperature recorded so far this year at the Carlsbad Airport has been 110ºF on July 11th and 14th. This is the third highest temperature ever recoded at the Airport (1930-2016) in July. The highest was 113ºF recorded on July 27th 1995. Which also ties the all time highest reading recoded at the Carlsbad Airport of 113ºF also set on June 27th, 1994.

 But there is a fly in the ointment concerning the Carlsbad Airports all time highest temperature. See my blog via this link on this for more details.

The average temperature at the Carlsbad Airport for July of this year was 86.9ºF. Making this past July the warmest month on record for July at the Airport. The previous record was 86.0ºF set in July of 2011. This also makes July of this year the second warmest month on record as far as the average monthly temperature is concerned. Second only to August 2011 with an average temperature of 87.4ºF.  

Carlsbad, New Mexico Rainfall.

The Carlsbad Airport ASOS recorded .34" of rain for July of this year. The long term average (1930-2016) is 1.78". The wettest July on record at the Airport occurred in 2009 when 5.90" was recorded. the year-to-date rainfall at the Airport stands at 1.81" compared to a normal of 7.01". 

My July 2016 Climate Data.

My average daily high temperature here at our home in Carlsbad was 102.3ºF. My average temperature for July was 87.8ºF. My highest temperature recorded so far this year was the 111ºF on the 14th of July. Thus this makes the second highest temperature I've recorded at our home in the past 10 years. The highest was 112ºF on June 26th, 2011. On the 8th I recorded an overnight low temperature of only 79.3ºF. Making this reading the warmest low temperature recorded at my location in the past 10 years. 

I only recorded .27" of rainfall for the month bringing my year-to-date total to 2.82". This past July was the driest in 10 years at our home. This also is the driest start to the year rainfall-wise (Jan 1st - Jul 31st) in the past 10 years at our home. 

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