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Say Goodby To The Cool Fall Temps - Record Heat Possible Sat Into Monday.

Another beautiful photo that my wife took in New Hampshire.

Say goodby to the pleasant fall temperatures because they are going away until the end of next week. This is the time of the year when the temperature roller coaster ride can and often does have a lot of ups and downs. Actually this is pretty typical for October.

Forecast high temps today across southeastern New Mexico are in the low to mid 80's. Highs in the mountains will range from the mid 60's to the mid 70's. These readings will be some 3ºF to 10ºF above normal for the date. 

Forecast high temperatures Saturday afternoon will be in the low to mid 90's. The mountains will see highs in the upper 60's to the upper 70's. These readings will be some 5ºF to 10ºF above normal.

High temperatures on Sunday will be similar to Saturday's readings locally. Notice too how much of the nation is forecast to be above normal today into Monday!

Once again Monday's high temps locally will be very close to Sundays readings.

Some Of Us May Tie/Break Our Daily Record High Temps.

Digging through our local climatological records it appears that some of us will come close to tying or breaking our daily record highs Saturday into Monday. Listed below are the daily records.


Friday 94 1948
   Saturday 91 2015
 Sunday 92 2011
   Monday 93 1991


Friday 95 1954
   Saturday 99 1956
 Sunday 93 1998
   Monday 93 2011


Friday 95 1938
   Saturday 96 1902
 Sunday 98 1902
   Monday 98 1902


Friday 91 1989
   Saturday 91 1989
 Sunday 91 1979
   Monday 91 1991


Friday 95 1968
   Saturday 90 1968
 Sunday 90 1999
   Monday 90 2011

(1941 - 2014).

Friday 80 1948
   Saturday 79 2011
 Sunday 78 2011
   Monday 78 2011


Friday 72 1918
             Saturday 71 1938, 2015
 Sunday 72 1918
   Monday 70 1918

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