It's The Morning After - Time To Go See How Bad The Flooding Really Was.

Rocky Arroyo 9-12-2013
Shot From St. Rd #137 11 Miles Northwest Of Carlsbad, New Mexico.

Its really hard to educate the public here in southeastern New Mexico of the dangers of flash flooding. Events like we had yesterday and today don't happen very often...maybe about once every 20 years or so. I've always said that flash flooding is our biggest weather threat...Wednesday and Thursday's flash flooding bears witness to this.

To get an idea of the power of these flood waters take a close look at this photo that I shot this morning. I was at Rocky Arroyo, on St. Hwy 137, 11 miles northwest of Carlsbad. Notice the Cottonwood trees...the bark and leaves have been stripped bare. Now look at how far up the road the water line indicated by the debris on the road. I think Rocky was at least some 30' deep or so at its peak early this morning.

This gives new meaning to the National Weather Service slogan- "Turn Around - Don't Drown." Image coming upon this in the dark dead of night!!!

Dark Canyon - Normally Dry Arroyo.
Boyd Drive & Radio Blvd Carlsbad, NM.

Good morning everyone. Its the morning after and time to go out and see how bad the flooding really was. I have been asked by Mark Strobin the Midland National Weather Service Warning Coordination Meteorologist, to assist him and Meteorologist Jim Deberry, with their damage assessment of the flooding today. 

My three day rainfall total here our home in Carlsbad now stands at 4.27". My year to date total now stands at 13.45". Over 13" of rain was measured in the Pine Springs area of the Guadalupe Mountains National Park. Over 10" of rain was measured in Queen. Widespread totals of 2" - 4" fell across the local area with some totals exceeding 8" - 9"

I am still in the process of editing my photos and videos of yesterday's event and hopefully will be done by Sunday. I will post a blog with videos and photos when I get them ready on my web page.

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