Round Two Of Severe Weather Today.

Monday's Severe Weather.

1/2"-1" diameter hail covered the ground on State Hwy 137,
seven miles west of Brantley Lake State Park
at 5:32 PM MDT Monday afternoon.

Severe thunderstorms erupted across southeastern New Mexico and parts of west Texas yesterday afternoon and evening. 1" diameter hail (quarter size) was reported one mile southwest of Seven Rivers at 4:48 PM MDT, and 1/2"-1" diameter hail (dime to quarter size)was reported ten miles northwest of Carlsbad at 5:53 PM MDT. At 5 PM MDT 1.25" diameter size hail (half dollar size) was reported in Malaga, The hail dented a truck and cracked the windshield. At 6:02 PM MDT 1/2"-1" diameter hail (dime-quarter size) fell on State Hwy 137 six miles west of Brantley Lake State Park.Between 7:25 - 7:32 PM MDT, 1"-2" diameter hail (quarter-lime size) fell in Hobbs, and at 7:50 PM MDT 2" diameter hail (lime size) was reported five miles north of Hobbs.

At 6:54 PM CDT, 2.5" diameter hail (tennis ball size) was reported seven miles north of Orla, Texas along with 50-60 mph thunderstorm wind gusts on State Rd 25. At 7:25 PM CDT, 3"-4" diameter size hail (hockey puck to grapefruit size) was reported six miles east of Orla, Texas along with thunderstorm wind gusts to 70-75 mph. At 7:51 PM CDT, 3.5"-4" diameter size hail (coffee cup to grapefruit size) was reported 2 miles west of Mentone, Texas along with thunderstorm wind gusts to 70-80 mph. At 8:20 PM CDT, a Funnel Cloud was reported five miles northwest of Pecos, Texas by the Texas DPS.

Once again today, scattered thunderstorms are forecast to break out across southeastern New Mexico and parts of west Texas. A few of these will become severe and produce large hail, damaging thunderstorm wind gusts, deadly cloud to ground lighting, and locally heavy rainfall. The Northern Permian Basin of west Texas appears to be the more favored area for severe weather today. We have a 30% chance of Spotter Activation around 4 PM CDT. There appears to be a threat for an isolated tornado or two across parts of the area, especially on Wednesday.

I would like to thank Nancy Alkire for her help with Net Control on Saturday and again yesterday. I would also like to thank Jim Morgan for his help with Net Control yesterday as well. I would also like to thank the spotters and chasers for their help in southeastern New Mexico and west Texas this past weekend, and again yesterday. We had some really good spotter reports submitted...keep up the good work all. It looks like we will need your help and reports again today and Wednesday.

Eddy County NM Skywarn Spotters.

Please remember that we are no longer running a local Skywarn Net here in Eddy County, New Mexico. I have placed our Amateur Radio Skywarn Spotter Group under the control of the Midland NWS Skywarn Net Controllers. Net Control at the Midland NWS Office will activate during a Severe Thunderstorm or Tornado Watch.

 Their call sign is W5MAF. You can talk to the Net Controllers via these repeaters:

W5COW (444.975)

West Texas Connection Via The Maljamar Repeater (442.075)

West Texas Connection Via The Dark Canyon Repeater (147.120)

All Midland NWS Area Skywarn Spotters, and Amateur Radio Spotters, please note that you are requested to report severe weather any time it occurs. Even if Skywarn Activation has not been requested. Please call the Midland NWS Forecasters with your severe weather, storm damage, or heavy rainfall and flash flood reports. Please remember you can submit your spotter reports online via this link anytime severe weather occurs at your location.



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