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A Few Dry T-Storms Today & Tuesday.

Virga Northeast of Ruidoso, NM 4-22-2012.

Our skies were filled with virga yesterday. Unfortunately, very little, if any measurable rainfall made it to the ground. Virga is rain or snow falling from the clouds that evaporates before it reaches the ground. Virga is fairly common across southeastern New Mexico this time of the year. This scene will likely be repeated across the local area today, and again on Tuesday.

High temperatures Sunday ranged from 95 at the Paduca Raws located near the WIPP site, to 93 at the Carlsbad Airport, 93 at the 8-Mile Draw Raws located northeast of Roswell, 92 at my home located in Carlsbad, 89 at the Roswell Airport, 88 at the Hobbs Airport, 87 at the Tatum Mesonet station, to 86 at the Artesia Airport.  

Today's high temperatures are forecast to be a few degrees cooler with most of us seeing readings in the 80's this afternoon. A few very isolated, and high based thunderstorms, will dot the landscape today and tomorrow. Our chances for rainfall fall into the 10%-20% range today and Tuesday. Don't get your hopes up, these storms will be very isolated, and are not expected to produce any significant rainfall totals across the area. What they will produce is dry lightning strikes, and gusty winds, and perhaps a few pockets of blowing dust with the stronger wind gusts.

Hot temperatures return Tuesday into Thursday. A few locations may see their daily record high temperature records tied or broken. Its possible that a few locations may even flirt with their all-time record high temperature reading for the month of April on Wednesday. Our afternoon highs are forecast to range from the mid 90's to near 100 Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday will see highs in the low-mid 90's.

Daily Record High Temperatures.

Roswell ThreadEx-

Tue 97 1959
Wed 94 1959
Thu 98 1996

April's All-Time High 101 4-22-1965.

Artesia Climate-

Tue 96 1996
Wed 98 1996
Thu 95 1927

April's All-Time High 104 4-10-1934.

Carlsbad Climate-

Tue 95 1996+
Wed 95 1996+
Thu 97 1927

April's All-Time High 100 4-18-1909, 4-16-1925, 4-22-1934, 4-24-1943.

Carlsbad Airport-

Tue 98 1996
Wed 97 1959
Thu 100 1996

April's All-Time High 101 4-21-1965.

Hobbs Climate-

Tue 96 1959
Wed 97 1959
Thu 97 1996

April's All-Time High 98 4-18-1987, 4-21-1989.

Tatum Climate-

Tue 95 1959
Wed 94 1959
Thu 98 1996

April's All-Time High 97 4-22-1965, 4-23-1989, 4-28-1996.

Ruidoso Climate-

Tue 80 1974
Wed 82 1996
Thu 82 1996

April's All-Time High 85 4-21-1965, 4-22-1965.

Cloudcroft Climate-

Tue 70 2000
Wed 72 2000
Thu 74 2000

April's All-Time High 75 4-21-1989.

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