Lubbock, Texas Gets Bombed With Baseball Size Hail Last Night.

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Blog updated at 10:17 AM MDT Tue May 1, 2012.

I grabbed this GRLevel2-AE Storm Relative Velocity (SRV)
screen shot last night at 6:42 PM MDT/7:42 PM CDT.

Very tight rotation within the HP Supercell T-Storm extending
right off the surface up to around 30,000' MSL.
A Tornado Vortex Signature (TVS) was also indicated.

A High Precipitation (HP) Supercell thunderstorms bombed the Lubbock, Texas area last night with golf ball to baseball size hail and high winds. The storm thankfully became a right mover as it neared the western areas of the city, and turned to the southeast and passed to the south of most of Lubbock.

The Wolfforth, Texas Mesonet automated weather station located about 7 miles southwest of downtown Lubbock, recorded a 95 mph wind gust along with baseball size hail. Numerous reports of golf ball to baseball size hail was reported in the Lubbock area yesterday evening, especially south and southwest of Lubbock.

Please visit this link to view some of the storm reports courtesy of the Lubbock National Weather Service Office. Other reports courtesy of the Storm Prediction Center (SPC) can be view via this link. Officials from the Lubbock National Weather Service Office are out conducting a damage survey today, and they will likely have the results of this survey posted on their web page in a day or two, so check it for additional information on the storm.

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