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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Record Heat Today - Heat & Wind Thursday.

Blog updated at 5:55 PM MDT.

A few high based, mostly dry t-storms, formed along the east slopes of the Sacramento and Guadalupe Mountains yesterday afternoon. One of these storms managed to drift southeastward into Carlsbad around 3:30 PM. I only recorded a trace of rain at my home as did the Carlsbad Airport ASOS. As of 7 AM MDT, the only measurable rainfall I have been able to find was the .01" at the Bowl Raws, which is located just north of Guadalupe Peak. These dry t-storms typically produce very little rainfall, lots of virga (as seen in the photos above), occasional cloud to ground lightning strikes, gusty dry microburst winds that can exceed 50 mph, and patchy areas of localized blowing dust.

Today & Thursday.

Update at 9:00 AM MDT- A dry t-storm producing cloud to ground lightning strikes yesterday started three fires in the Pinon and Dunken areas. This fire has been named the Pretty Bird Fire. The fire has burned 50-60 acres.

Unusually hot weather (for late April) is anticipated today and Thursday. Our afternoon high temperatures are forecast to be around 100 today across the southeastern plains. I suspect that a few spots may top the century mark. Many of our daily record high temperatures may fall today and tomorrow. There is also the possibility that a few locations may see their all-time April high temperature records tied or broken today. Click on this link for my post yesterday listing our local record temperatures across the local area.

Thursday is looking like one of those spring days that we all hate to see come around. With afternoon high temperatures forecast to rise up into the mid-upper 90's, and southwesterly winds picking up to around 25-30G45 mph, there will likely be areas of blowing dust develop. Once again its blast furnace weather time.

A High Wind Watch remains in effect for Thursday for the Guadalupe Mountains. Southwesterly winds are forecast to increase to 35-45 mph with gusts to around 65 mph. A High Wind Watch remains in effect for Lincoln County for Thursday also. Southwesterly winds are forecast to increase to 30-45G55-60 mph.

Please be be especially cautious when traveling around our local highways and come upon those normally dust prone areas such as freshly plowed and exposed farmlands and fields, lots, and construction sites. The visibility may drop down to near zero in some of these spots during the higher wind gusts, which may produce localized blinding clouds of blowing dust with little to no advanced warning. Here is the link to the video of the blinding dust storm that I shot in the Artesia area on February 28th of this year. Its a pretty good example of what I am talking about.

Not only will we have to deal with the hot dry winds and blowing dust tomorrow, the fire danger will be extreme as well. A Fire Weather Watch remains in effect for the area for tomorrow. Please refrain from any type of outdoor activity that involves the use of sparks or flame. Any wild fire that may accidentally start will have the potential to rapidly spread and grow in the gusty winds.

T-Storms Late This Weekend?

A cold front is forecast to enter the area late this weekend which should produce cooler weather and the chance for scattered thunderstorms. We may see a few severe thunderstorms return to the area Sunday and Monday. There are lots of unknowns at this point but it is something to look forward too.

The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction!

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  1. Those are amazing temps for April, or May. The rolling plains in the 105-108 range...yowza! People here are getting bent that it is over 70F; we have it easy. Hope you get rain next week.


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