Reported Low Temperatures This Morning - Friday, Oct 11th, 2019.

RTMA Temperatures.
(At 7 AM MDT Friday, Oct 11th, 2019).

12:30 PM MDT Friday, Oct 11th, 2019.

Local temperatures are some 30 to 35-degrees colder at noontime today compared to noontime on Thursday. 

New Mexico MesoWest Reported Low Temperatures.
(As of 6 AM MDT Thursday, Oct 11th, 2019).

Historical Record Low Temperatures For Oct 12th.

The Carlsbad Airport recorded a low temperature of 39ºF this morning which ties the record low for the date of 39ºF set in 1994. The Roswell Airport recorded a low 36ºF this morning which beats their previous record for the date of 38ºF set in 1994. However longer term climate records for Roswell indicate that the all-time record low for the date of 34ºF set in 1907 still stands.

Freeze Or No Freeze Saturday Morning?

Typically the second morning after a cold front has passed through the area is usually colder than the first. Not always but in most cases and I think this will be true come Saturday morning. So I still think we will see pockets of frost and a light freeze in places across the Southeastern Plains. This also includes the Pecos Valley. Once again the Guadalupe and Sacramento mountains will see some cold overnight lows as well especially in the sheltered valley locations.

The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction - And Sometimes It Hurts!

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