Current Conditions 2.1 NNW Downtown Carlsbad, NM

2.1 NNW Downtown Carlsbad 30-Day Temperature Graph

Widespread Heavy Rains Fell Overnight In SE New Mexico.

Local Reported & Radar Estimated Rainfall Totals.

48-Hour Totals As Of 5 AM MDT Tuesday.

72-Hour Totals As Of 5 AM MDT Tuesday.

(As Of 5 AM MDT Tuesday).

Light blue rainfall totals are what fell between midnight and 5 AM MDT Tuesday morning. The red shaded totals are the reported 24-hour rainfall totals as of 5 AM MDT Tuesday morning. 

(As Of 5 AM MDT Tuesday).

Local Watches/Warnings/Special Weather Statements Available With Live Updates Via My Twitter Account...@KE5WLM. New Mexico Weather posts are also available on Twitter via the hast tag #nmwx.

Heavy rains have fallen across most of the local area beginning yesterday afternoon and continuing into early this morning. The hardest hit areas have been in and around Roswell, Artesia, Atoka, and Lakewood/Seven Rivers.

Heaviest 24-Hour Totals As Of 6 AM MDT Tuesday.

Davis Vantage Pro PWS Whitney SE Of Roswell 4.34"
3 Miles North Of Lakewood 4.10"
5 Miles SE Of Artesia Blevins & Haldeman Rds 4.00"
Roswell Industrial Air Center ASOS 3.92"
Lakewood PWS 3.57"
5 Miles South Of Artesia In Atoka 3.50"
Castleberry Rd 2.5 SE Of Artesia 3.41"
Davis Vantage Pro PWS Cottonwood NW Of Artesia 3.30"
Roswell Portable Raws East Of Roswell 3.13"
Blevins Rd & Haldeman Rd 5 SE Artesia (9 PM Last Night) 3.00"+
NMSU AG Science Center Automated Rainf Guage 6 SE Of Artesia 2.81"
Our Home In Northwest Carlsbad 2.20"

I'm sorry but I simply don't have the time to get a more comprehensive list of the local rainfall totals this morning. I will put together a storm total summary later this week. As I write this heavy rain is once again falling at our home in Carlsbad and radar shows a large area of moderate rain over the Pecos Valley and nearby mountains with pockets of heavy rain falling. 

Several high water rescues occurred in Eddy County yesterday afternoon and evening along with reports of flooded vehicles. I'm afraid this will worsen today into Wednesday as additional heavy rainfall will only aggravate a bad situation. Several Flash Flood Warnings have been issued in the past 24-hours and trend will likely continue especially this afternoon into Wednesday morning.  

Rain will end later this morning and skies will clear somewhat but another round of thunderstorms and heavy rain is expected to develop this afternoon and continue overnight into Wednesday morning. 

Conservative estimates call for another 1" to 4" of rainfall on top of what has already fallen over the next 24-hours. Several of the short range models get even crazier with additional totals of 4" to 8". Needless to say no matter how much more rain falls especially in those areas already hard hit the past several days the flooding threat will escalate. 

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