Record Heat On It's Way!

Hot Weather Coming!

Yesterday's weather in southeastern New Mexico can best be described as just nasty. Southwesterly winds gusted up to 43-69 mph across the local area. By early afternoon the sky was full of blowing dust. A few grass fires broke out in the Pecos Valley. The most serious fire was the Black Water Fire near Portales, which burned around 2,500 acres. Other more serious fires broke out in the Seminole and Midland areas. See this NewsWest 9 link for more details.

Today we will see gusty westerly to northwesterly winds at around 30-35 mph with our afternoon high temps ranging from 90-96. A Red Flag Warning is in effect for today for Critically Dangerous Fire Weather Conditions. Please avoid any type of outdoor activity that involves the use of sparks or flame. Any wild fire that may accidentally develop will have the potential to rapidly spread and grow in the strong winds.

Near record to record heat is forecast for Thursday into Sunday. Highs will range from the upper 90's to near 100 on Thursday, to 100-104 Friday and Saturday, and the upper 90's to near 100 on Sunday.

Peak Wind Gusts Reported Tuesday-

Pine Springs Raws 69 mph
Guadalupe Pass 67 mph
Bowl Raws 65 mph
2 SW Tatum 60 mph

Artesia Airport 59 mph
Carlsbad Portable Raws 59 mph
Carlsbad Airport 54 mph
Queen Raws 51 mph

Dunken Raws 49 mph
Caprock Raws 48 mph
High Roll CW5738 48 mph
Sierra Blanca Regional Airport 47 mph
Hobbs-KF5KMC 47 mph
Smokey Bear Raws 45 mph
Bat Draw Raws 45 mph
Roswell Airport 43 mph

The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction!

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