Rainfall Summary.

Blog Updated At 9:50 PM MDT.

Life giving rains will transform the desert & make it bloom.

Local Rainfall Storm Totals.
(As of 8 AM MDT This Morning.)

Good morning everyone. The heaviest most widespread rainfall for most of the local area in two years has ended for now across SE NM. The upper-level storm that helped produce our rain is moving east away from the area. Yet another upper-level storm will approach the area by the weekend, along with yet another cold front. Our best chances for more rain look to be Saturday night into Monday.

Here is a listing as of 8 AM this morning of some of the available rainfall totals for this week. We have a long way to go before we end the historic two year drought. Overall SE NM was running about 15" below normal in rainfall over just about the past two years, before this weeks rains, some spots were drier and some a little wetter. But thankfully this weeks rains are a start with more to come this weekend.

Rainfall totals are courtesy of- Midland NWS Climate Data, CoCoRaHS, NM MesoWest Raws Stations, Weather Underground, Davis WeatherLink Stations, NWS/FAA AWOS/ASOS Airport Stations, Spotter reports, Public reports, Facebook friend reports.

SE Carlsbad Otis 4.25"

3.4 N of Downtown Carlsbad 3.06"

2.9 N of Downtown Carlsbad 3.02"
SW of Carlsbad Pebble Hill Rd 2.88"
2.0 N of Downtown Carlsbad 2.85"
My home in Carlsbad 2.1 NNW of Downtown 2.78"
Bowl Raws Near Guadalupe Peak 2.68"

0.8 S of Lovington 2.52"
3.1 SSE of Carlsbad 2.49"

1.9 NW of Downtown Carlsbad 2.42"
Carlsbad Climate 2.40"

SE of the Carlsbad Airport 2.40"
Carlsbad Airport 2.38"
Woody Farms 11 N of Hobbs 2.37"
5 SE of Carlsbad 2.36"

2.1 SE of Hobbs 2.31"
2.6 NNW of Downtown Carlsbad 2.26"
Cottonwood 2.25"
1.4 E of Downtown Artesia 2.23"
0.9 Miles NNW of Carlsbad 2.17"
Dark Canyon Draw Raws SW of the Carlsbad Airport 2.17"

6.8 NW of Carlsbad 1.98"

Carlsbad Ridgecrest Subdivision 1.90"
Caprock Raws 1.88"
NW Hobbs 1.86"
Queen 33.3 WSW of Carlsbad 1.84"

0.9 NNW of Lovington 1.76"
Bat Draw Raws Carlsbad Caverns Visitor Center 1.67"
SE of Hobbs 1.62"
Dog Canyon Raws SW of Queen 1.61"
Queen Raws 3 E of Queen 1.60"
3.5 NNE of Artesia 1.58"
Northwest Cottonwood 1.56"
Guadalupe Pass ASOS 1.53"
McKittrick Canyon Raws 1.52"

0.3 SSW of Roswell 1.49"Alfadale Atoka 1.47"
Roswell Climate 1.40"
Roswell Airport 1.35"

8.0 SSE of Hobbs 1.34"
Paduca Raws Near WIPP 1.30"
Dell City, TX 1.29"
Pinery Raws Pine Springs 1.25"
Artesia Airport HCN 1.22"

Hope Climate 1.18"
North Roswell Climate 1.11"
Derrick Ranch W of Lovington 1.00"

1.7 SW of Tatum .93"
Dark Ridge Observatory Weed .92"
NW Mayhill .82"
Dunken Raws .78"
Wimsatt .75"
Mayhill Raws .73"
0.6 Miles S of Pinon .70"
Lazy Day Cabins Mayhill .69"
Cloudcroft Climate .65"
Lake Arthur .65"
Knowles N of Hobbs .60"
Hagerman HCN 10 ESE .56"
Cloudcroft Fire Station .56"
Cosmic Raws Near Sunspot .56"
4.0 Miles East of Cloudcroft .52"
1.8 Miles SW of Cloudcroft .50"

Sacramento Peak Raws Sunspot .46"
2.3 Miles S of Cloudcroft .44"
Smokey Bear Raws Ruidoso .41"
Sierra Blanca Regional Airport Ruidoso .32"
High Rolls .25"
8-Mile Draw Raws 18 NE of Roswell .20"

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