A Little Cooler Today.

(Monday Sept 17, 2012).

Yesterday's highs ended up being just a tad warmer than forecast in some parts of southeastern New Mexico. A weak cold front has pushed south of the area this morning, and a slightly cooler airmass will overspread the area today behind this front. Most of us will see afternoon highs from the upper 70's to the low 80's across the plains today. It will be seasonably cool across the Sacramento Mountains with highs ranging from near 60 in Cloudcroft, to near 70 in Ruidoso. 

 Valid At 6 PM MDT Friday Sept 21, 2012.

Northwesterly flow aloft at the mid-levels and upper-levels of the atmosphere will dominate New Mexico's weather this week. A ridge of high pressure will be located to our west and northwest, will another strong fall trough of low pressure dives southward into the central plains by Friday. 

Rather boring and uneventful weather is anticipated this week across southeastern New Mexico. Our highs will climb back up into the low-mid 90's Wednesday and Thursday. 

If will notice I use the 500 millibar weather maps quite often. This level of the atmosphere, the 500 millibar, or roughly 18,000' Mean Sea Level, is generally considered the middle of the troposphere

The jet stream typically is found between roughly 500 millibars, or 18,000' MSL, and 200 millibars, or 39,000' MSL. Low to mid level atmospheric storms usually occur from about 850 millibars, or 5,000' MSL, up to the 500 millibar level. Many times I will refer to mid-level storms as being around the 700 millibar, or the 10,000' Mean Sea Level. 

Anyway, the 500 millibar level is about midway between the lower and upper troposphere, and usually gives us a pretty good idea of where storms will form and track with time. 

A Little Cooler This Weekend.

Valid At 6 AM MDT Saturday Sept 22, 2012.

Forecast models indicate that another cold front will give us a glancing blow by Saturday. Cooler air behind this next front may keep our daytime highs down into the 80's Saturday and Sunday. Right now it does not appear that there will be any rain with this next cold front. Overall, next weekend looks like it will be close to seasonable temperatures to kick off the beginning of the calendar fall.

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