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Rain Fell Upon The Plain.

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GRLevel3 Snapshot Of The Midland, TX NWS Radar
Composite Reflectivity-248 At 6:01 PM MDT
Thursday, June 2, 2011. The Red Box Indicates
The Severe T-Storm Warning That Was In Effect For
Otero County, NM At The Time. The Red Shaded 
Blotches Indicate T-Storms Producing Hvy Rain.
Photo Courtesy Of Stacy Smith Of Artesia, NM.
Theme Of Southeastern New Mexico For The Past 8
Months. Cracked Ground Cover In Artesia, NM Produced
By The Excepitional Drought Conditions That Have Plagued
The Area Since Last September.
Photo Courtesy Of Stacy Smith Of Artesia, NM.
Artesia, NM This Morning After Yesterday's Rainfall.

Thunderstorms erupted across the Southeastern New Mexico plains late yesterday afternoon and evening, some of these continued into the evening hours. Strong microburst wind gusts from these t-storms produced a peak wind gust at the Roswell, Airport of 52 mph, 50 mph at the Artesia Airport, and 47 mph at the Carlsbad Airport. Blowing dust reduced the visibility down to less than a mile between Roswell and Artesia and in Carlsbad. 

For many locations this was the first measurable rainfall since February, and the first significant rainfall since last September. Finally the rains have returned, which are a welcome change from the heat, blowing dust, grass fires, and extreme drought conditions.

Local Rainfall Totals As Of 9 AM MDT-
(The List Will Be Updated As New Reports Are Received)

Curry Co-

Clovis CW3200 .42"
Cannon AFB Clovis .33"
Clovis Municipal Arpt .17"

Chaves Co-

Dunken Raws .01"

Eddy County-

East Jackson Rd - Cottonwood 3.00"
 South 20th St. Artesia 1.50"
Atoka - 4.8 SSE Artesia .85"
10 S Artesia .83"
6 S Artesia - Artesia Climate .70"
0.9 NNE Lakewood .50"

 5.8 SSE Carlsbad .40"
3.5 Downtown NNE Artesia .32"
Artesia Arpt .32"
Queen 33.3 WSW Carlsbad .20"

2.9 N Downtown Carlsbad .19"
La Huerta - NE Carlsbad .13"
3.4 N Downtown Carlsbad .12"
2.2 N  Downtown Carlsbad .10"
Dog Canyon - SW Queen .09"
1.1 NNE Downtown Carlsbad .09"
2.0 N Downtown Carlsbad .08"
2.1 NNW Downtown Carlsbad .07"
2.6 NNW Downtown Carlsbad .07"
Caprock Raws .07"
Queen Raws .04"

Dark Canyon Raws .02"
Carlsbad Arpt .01"

Lea Co-

KF5KMC - Hobbs .20"
1.7 SW Tatum .04"
.8 S Lovington .02"
KM5BS - Hobbs .01"

Otero Co-

4.9 NE Cloudcroft .08"
16 ESE Cloudcroft .03"
0.4 ESE Cloudcroft .03"

Culberson Co-

Guadalupe Pass .32"
Pinery Raws .31"
McKittrick Canyon Raws .21"
Bowl Raws - N Guadalupe Pk .07"

Rainfall Reports Are Courtesy Of-

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