Current Weather 2.1 NNW Downtown Carlsbad, NM

Sizzling Heat This Weekend!

Sizzling Heat Continues For Another Week.

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This sprawling mid-upper level ridge of high pressure is
centered over the Boot-Hill of SW NM this morning. It is
forecast to slide eastward and will be centered directly
overhead this weekend.

Near record to record breaking heat will grip the state today.
High temperatures across SE NM today and tomorrow will
be very near 110. In fact our afternoon high temps are
forecast to remain over 100 for the next week.

Hope From The Tropics?

For the past several days, the US GFS long-range
forecast model has been forecasting a Tropical system
(Tropical Storm?/Hurricane?) developing in the
southern Gulf of Mexico, and then moving northward
towards the Lower Texas Gulf Coast by next Friday.

There are a lot of unknowns this early in the game
as to what impact, if any, this potential Tropical Storm
could/would have on New Mexico in about a week to ten days.

Last year Category 2 Hurricane Alex developed in about
the same area, and then moved inland near Brownsville, TX.
During the first couple weeks of July weeks his remnants
dumped some 6" - 12" of rain over most of SE NM.

Deja Vu?

Will this same type of scenario happen again this year? I honestly
don't know. But the situation certainly bears watching. Could this
be the catalyst to kick off our annual summer monsoon, and break
the extreme drought that has gripped the area since last fall?
Possibly...time will tell.


High Temps Reported Today
(Updated At 7 PM MDT)

West Texas-

Pecos Arpt AWOS 113
Wink Arpt ASOS 111
Fort Stockton Arpt ASOS 108
Lubbock Arpt ASOS 108
Midland Intl Arpt ASOS 107
Seminole Arpt AWOS 107

Roosevelt County-

Portales Climate 108
Melrose Climate 107

Chaves County-

8-Mile Draw Raws 111
Roswell Arpt ASOS 108
Dunken Raws 103
Elk Climate 99

Eddy County-

2.1 NNW Downtown Carlsbad 110
Carlsbad Arpt ASOS 109
Artesia Arpt AWOS 108
Caprock Raws 108
Bat Draw Raws - Carlsbad Caverns 106
Queen Raws 99

Lea County-

Paduca Raws 112
Hobbs Arpt 106
Crossroads 106

Lincoln County-

Capitan Climate 96
Ruidoso Climate 94
Smokey Bear Raws - Near Ruidoso 92
Sierra Blanca Regional Arpt AWOS 91

Otero County-

Mayhill Raws 96
Weed - Dark Ridge Observatory 96
Mescal Raws - Near Mescalero 94
Timberon CW7724 93
Mayhill - Hossman Observatory 91
Cosmic Raws - Sunspot 90
Cloudcroft - Dry Canyon 87
Cloudcroft Climate 85
Sacramento Peak 83

Culberson County-

McKittrick Canyon Raws 102
Pinery Raws - Pine Springs 99
Dog Canyon Raws 95

High Temperature Data Is Courtesy Of-

NCDC US Records
Davis WeatherLink
NM MesoWest Weather
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NWS Midland Climate Page
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