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Carlsbad Severe T-Storm - Nov 21, 2011.

A Severe T-Storm Warning was issued for Eddy 
County, New Mexico this afternoon.The warning
was valid from 3:07 PM through 4:15 PM MST. 

At 2:56 PM MST, the Carlsbad Airport ASOS 
clocked a peak wind gust to 62 mph from the
storm, as it rolled across the airport south of town.

At 3:07 PM MST, this severe thunderstorm was
located over Loving, or 12 miles SSE of Carlsbad.
It was moving to the northeast at 45 mph.

My family and I were on our way to the Vet when 
the storm moved into Carlsbad. I shot the above
video from the beach area, mostly on the north end
of town. This video hardly does the storm justice, 
since it was easy to tell that the blowing dust was
 much worse to my south.

This severe thunderstorm produced lots of virga, 
or rain that falls from the clouds but evaporates
before it reaches the ground. It also kicked out
a haboob, or large cloud of blowing dust as it
rolled across the city. Law enforcement officials
reported that the visibility was near zero in parts
of the city, due to the blowing dust at 3:10 PM MST.

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