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Peak Wind Gusts Today.

It's a stormy morning in Ruidoso, New Mexico this morning.
This captured this screenshot at 9:00 AM MDT off of the

 At 8:55 AM this morning, the 
Sierra Blanca Regional Airport located northeast of town
has clocked a peak wind gust to 77 mph.

Local Peak Wind Gusts Today-
(As of 3 PM MDT)

Taos Airport ASOS 82 mph
Sierra Blanca Regional Airport 77 mph
Guadalupe Pass ASOS 77 mph
San Augustin Pass 74 mph
Bowl Raws - 1/2 Mile N of Guadalupe Peak 70 mph
Sacramento Peak - Sunspot 63 mph
Dunken Raws - 45 Miles W of Artesia 62 mph
McKittrick Canyon Raws 62 mph

Queen Raws 59 mph
Roswell Airport ASOS 58 mph
Smokey Bear Raws - Near Ruidoso 56 mph
Pinery Raws 56 mph
Pine Springs - GMN 55 mph
Mescal Raws - Mescalero 55 mph
Cannon AFB - Clovis 53 mph
Artesia Airport AWOS 53 mph
High Rolls CW5738 52 mph
Roswell Portable Raws #1 - Near Ft. Stanton 50 mph
2 SW Tatum 50 mph

Mayhill Raws 49 mph
Bat Draw Raws - Carlsbad Caverns 49 mph
El Paso Airport ASOS 48 mph
Carlsbad Airport ASOS 47 mph
8-Mile Draw Raws - NE of Roswell 46 mph
Cosmic Raws - Apache Summit 40 mph
Hobbs Airport 40 mph

Wind Speeds Are Courtesy Of-

Wind Speeds Will Be Updated Throughout The Day.

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