Russian Metorite Injures As Many As 1,100 People.

Update at 3:30 PM MST- Latest reports coming in from Russia indicate that 1,100 people were injured by the meteor, mostly from flying glass broken by the sonic boom as it broke up some 18-33 miles up in the atmosphere. The meteor was estimated by Russian Scientists to be weigh ten tons, and was 49 feet wide. When it entered the earths atmosphere it was moving at a speed estimated to be around 33,000 mph. 

A meteor streaked across the skies above Russia's Ural mountains this morning, some 900 miles east of Moscow. The resulting explosion injured more than 500 people according to FOX News

 The first video shows the meteor entering the atmosphere with the explosion. The second video captures the vapor trail and sound of the explosion. The last two videos captures the sound of the explosion, and the breaking glass in the buildings, along with a couple more explosions. 

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