Global Cooling: Is an Ice Age Coming?

There is a political war that is ragging in America. The Political Far Left Marxists/Socialists are hard at work with an agenda. That agenda includes their biggest lie which is ""Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW). Or simply the Man Made Global Warming Lie.

These people know that the planet quit warming 15 years ago...and the truth is that the Global temperature has leveled off and is starting to slowly cool off. 

If you think that this does not pertain to you and your everyday are wrong. This is a power grab to control our lives, destroy our Nation as we know it, our Economy, and Industry.

What is coming is going to be far worse. Many reputable and credible Scientists across the Globe believe that in fact the opposite is coming...Global Cooling. This will have far more reaching impacts upon humanity that Global Warming every could.

“Oops. This wasn’t supposed to happen.”
“The climate is changing, but it’s not changing the way the climate change crowd predicted it would. Nature has made a mockery of global warming, so who are the real climate deniers?”
“The ice is not only growing in the Southg Pole, but also in the North Pole. And the coldest temperatures in decades have descended on North America.”
The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction!

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