I Am An American Man - Don't Get Stupid!

Friends come and go, such is life. Our families are who we are, they are why we men put up with crap every day that we wouldn't ordinarily put up with. We live for them, because of them, and are willing to die for them.
The most important things in my life (our lives) are: God, our wives, our children, our mothers, brothers, sisters, etc. Last but hardly the least of all is our country...America.
To the foolish of this world be careful, be very very careful, when you consider attacking/terrorizing any of these. We are not afraid to stand up and defend those who we love. Fear has no place in our hearts, our backs are not yellow, our spines are not weak. We will rush headlong into the face of hell to defend them!
My blood runs red thanks to my Irish and native American ancestry. My loyalty to the above never wavers. My faith, love, and trust in those that I love is unshakable. I am an American man...fear this if you get stupid!
Wendell L. Malone 11-19-2015.

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