HIgh Winds S/E/SE NM Today. Heavy Snow Northern NM Mtns. Severe T-Storms In West Texas.

Valid @ 5 PM MST Today.

A potent winter storm will slide eastward across northern New Mexico and southern Colorado today. Wild weather will rule the weather today. High winds will impact much of New Mexico. Heavy snows will impact the mountains of northern New Mexico where Winter Storm Warnings are in effect. Blizzard Warnings are in effect for northeastern Colorado. Winter Weather Advisories are in effect for much of western and northwestern New Mexico. Late this afternoon severe thunderstorms will erupt across western, northwestern, and north central Texas northward into Oklahoma and Kansas. Discrete supercell thunderstorms will produce large to very large hail and a few tornadoes. Several squall lines are also forecast to develop which will pose and enhanced risk for damaging thunderstorm wind gusts.

A 500 millibar wind speed max of 100 knots and a 250 millibar jetstream wind max of 150 knots will aide in the development of severe thunderstorms in the highlighted areas above this afternoon and evening as the mid-upper low, and surface low rapidly deepen as this winter storm ejects out onto the plains.

Valid @ 5 PM MST Today.

Valid @ 5 PM MST Today.

As Of 6 AM MST This Morning.

While moderate to heavy snows and strong winds will affect western and northern New Mexico the eastern and southeastern plains, as well as the southern lowlands, and the south central mountains will get blasted with high winds. 

Southwesterly to westerly winds will become sustained at 45-55 mph with gusts to 65-85 mph across the Guadalupe mountains where a High Wind Warning is in effect. 

A High Wind Warning is in effect for parts of southern New Mexico and the southern Sacramento mountains for southwesterly to westerly winds gusting up to near 60 mph.

A High Wind Warning is in effect for the northern Sacramento mountains for southwesterly winds that will also gust up to near 60 mph.

A Wind Advisory is in effect for southeastern New Mexico for southwesterly to westerly winds of 25-35 mph with gusts to near 50 mph. 

Areas of blowing dust may develop this afternoon especially in those locations where rain did not fall yesterday and overnight. This will be especially true near open or freshly plowed farmlands, and and exposed fields and lots, construction sites, and other dust prone areas.

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