One Ugly Day For Sure!

Blog updated at 5:05 AM MST 12-20-2012.

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Our day started out like this in southeastern New Mexico.

 It didn't take long to become this!

 Watch out for the blowing dust & tumbleweeds.

Nothing like a little "New Mexico Rain" streaking across the road.

The "Welcome To The Trinity Hotel In Carlsbad, NM" Billboard
was blown down at mile marker #53, in Seven Rivers, NM. Power
lines were reported to have been blown down all across Eddy Co. 

Dee Williams Operational Director at the Eddy County Regional 
Emergency Dispatch Authority (REDA) in Artesia posted this
on my FaceBook Timeline this morning-

"Well, it was a wild ride yesterday Wendell. We had poles snapped in half, lines on the ground, car accidents, vehicles damaged by flying debris and trees uprooted and thrown down in the streets."

Yesterday's "NASA MODIS" Satellite Images-
(Blowing Dust/Sand Across NM & W TX.)

Blowing dust is streaking northeastward across southern and
southeastern New Mexico in these images, it has the grayish
look to it. The blowing sand in west Texas is red.

As of 6 PM MST the following peak wind gusts have been reported locally-

Guadalupe Pass ASOS 88 MPH
The Bowl Raws 86 MPH
Guadalupe Mtns Natl Park Mesonet 85 MPH

Pinery Raws - Pine Springs 71 MPH

1 Mile South Sunspot 69 MPH
Sunspot Solar Observatory 66 MPH 
Carlsbad Airport 65 MPH
1 Mile SW High Rolls 64 MPH
Dunken Raws 63 MPH
Hobbs Airport 63 MPH
NW Hobbs - KM5BS 61 MPH
Artesia Airport 61 MPH
Roswell Airport 58 MPH

The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction!

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Roseanne Barr and Juan O Savin discuss the “Red Sea Moment”

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