Dangerous High Wind & Blowing Dust Event Today!

Valid At 9 AM MST This Morning.

An ugly day weather-wise is on tap for the area today. A widespread high wind and blowing dust event will begin later this morning, and continue well into this evening. Damaging winds are expected across the entire area today. Southwesterly to westerly winds are forecast to increase to sustained speeds of 30 - 45 mph with gusts between 50 - 65 mph across the southeastern plains, southern New Mexico, and parts of west Texas. 

In the Guadalupe Pass area westerly winds are forecast to increase to sustained speeds of 45 - 70 mph with gusts near 85 mph! Its possible that U.S. Hwy 62/180 through the pass may get shut down due to these high winds and blowing dust. 

Dangerous cross winds will occur across all north-south facing roadways today. Some higher profile vehicles such as tractor trailer rigs, campers, and RV's, as well as smaller profile vehicle may be in danger of being blown off the roadways during some of the higher wind gusts!

Should these winds become as strong, if not stronger in a few places, than forecast then we may see some wind damage in the area. This could possibly include the following-

Christmas Decorations.
Damage to roadway signs.
Damage to roofs and shingles.
Sheds and small barn blown down.
Damage to farm irrigation sprinkler systems.
Power lines, telephone lines, poles blown down.
 Small trees blown down, larger branches blown down.
Some west facing windows could possibly be blown out.

Blinding clouds of blowing dust will once again plaque the area today. Sudden drops in the visibility down to zero with little to no advanced warning will likely occur in some of our more dust prone locations such as-

Lots and construction sites along or near local roadways.
Open and exposed or freshly plowed farmlands and fields.

As a reminder southeastern New Mexico has a history of multiple vehicle accidents with injuries during these blinding dust storms. Please be very cautious and drive with extreme care if you must be out traveling our local roadways tomorrow.
Not to mention that the fire danger will be extreme today so please...no outside burning, or open flames or sparks of any kind today!

The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction!

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