Current Weather 2.1 NNW Downtown Carlsbad, NM

Merry Christmas Eve Everyone!

Blog Updated At 5:00 AM MST Christmas Morning.

Please Click On The Photos To Enlarge Them.

Our Patio At 5:34 AM MST This Christmas Eve Morning.
9" On The Ground & Its Still Coming Down.
At 7:04 AM MST I Now Have 11" On The Ground.
Still Snowing!
A Look Out Our Front Door At 5:34 AM MST This Beautiful
Christmas Eve Morning In Carlsbad, New Mexico.
Same Photo As Above Without The Flash.
My Weather Station Setup In Our Backyard This Morning.
Picture Taken At 7:05 AM MST.
11.0" Of Snow On The Ground At 7:04 AM MST.
Looking At The Front Of Our House At 7:08 AM mST.
So Much Snow Santa Can't See-Stuck On Our Chimney.
We Don't Get To See These Very Often.
Looking North Down Pate & Blodget Streets At 4:56 AM MST.

NWS EL Paso Snowfall Reports.

As of 5:00 AM MST this Christmas morning, I have measured a storm total of 13.9" of snowfall since Friday night. Some of this has compacted and melted.
My Max Snow Depth Was 12" Christmas Eve morning.
My current snow depth on the ground is 9".

Snowfall Reports As Of 6:00 PM MST-

6 SW of Bonito Lake 24"
4.0 E Cloudcroft 19"
4.9 NE of Cloudcroft 17.1"
3 NW Mayhill 16"
6 NW Dunken 16"
3 NE of Ruidoso 16"
5 SW of Bonito Lake 15"
0.4 ESE of Cloudcroft 14.8"
Cloudcroft 14.8"
2 S Alto 14.5"
4 NNE of Ruidoso 14"
(6:42 PM Fri)
3.9 NNW of Ruidoso 12.5"
1 N Alto 12.5"
8 ENE Elkins 12"
Angus 12"
Ruidoso 10"
Hondo 10"

2.1 NNW Downtown Carlsbad 12.9"
(Max Snow This Morning 12")
Hope 12" With 3 Foot Drifts.
Hobbs 12"
Milnesand 11.8"
1 NW Roswell 11.5"
SE Side of Carlsbad 11.5"
4.1 NE Roswell 11"
Hagerman 11"
Artesia 10.5"
Loving 10.5"
2.0 N Carlsbad 10.1"
14 NW Bitter Lakes Wildlife Refuge 10"
10 E Milnesand 10.0"
Atoka 4.8 SSE Artesia 10"
10 NE Arabela 10"
4 SE Carlsbad - Otis 10"
14 WNW Carlsbad 10"
(15"-18" Drifts)
Lakewood - 13 SSE Artesia 10"
(7 PM Last Night)
0.6 S Pinon 9"
Elida 9"
1 E Kena 9"
Vaughn 9"
2.6 NNW Carlsbad 9"
Bitter Lakes Wildlife Refuge 9"
North Artesia 9"
3 NW Roswell 9"
4 NE Roswell 9"
Roswell Climate 8.5"
0.3 SSW Roswell 8.5"
2 E Lake Arthur 8.5"
Tatum 8"
Midway- SE Roswell 8"
29 S Yeso 7.5"
Picacho 7.3"

Snowfall Reports Are Courtesy Of-

The General Public
El Paso NWS Snowfall Totals
Albuquerque NWS Event Map
Eddy/Chaves/Lea County Skywarn Spotters

These Reports Will Be Updated As New Info Becomes Available.

The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction!


  1. I am glad you got all that snow, especially in the mountains. I hope Ski Apache has a banner season. Our 3/4" of snow Thurs night kept it colder longer, but so wild to see that much snow in Carlsbad!


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