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Unusually Warm Today - Next Storm Maybe Next Weekend?

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Unusually Warm Today!

Temperature Anomalies (Celsius). 

Take a look at the map depicts today's temperature anomalies (measured in Celsius) across  the local area, at 11 AM MST this morning. Forecast temperatures at this time will be running some 15-degrees Celsius (about 20 -25 degrees Fahrenheit) above normal.

Our forecast high temperatures across southeastern New Mexico today will for the most part be in the low 70's. This is in stark contrast to Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day when we had 10" - 12" of snow on the ground in Carlsbad and Loving, 10" - 11.5" on the ground in the Roswell and Hagerman areas, 10" on the ground in Artesia, and 7" - 8" in the Tatum and Hobbs areas.  You gotta love the diversity of our local thing for certain, its not boring that's for sure.

Cold Front Arrives Early This Evening.

Cooler air behind the cold front will overspread the local area tonight into Monday. Our afternoon high temperatures on New Years Day and Monday, will actually be just a little bit below normal, with the mid-upper 40's forecast. 

So When Is Our Next Storm?
 Maybe Next Weekend.

Valid Saturday Jan 7, 2012 At 5 PM MST.

There is the potential for another winter storm to dig southward out of the Pacific Northwest, and into the Desert Southwest, by late next week or next weekend. Colder air could also overspread the area by next weekend too. More on this later.

Invasion Of Arctic Air-
 By The Middle Of The Month?

Temperature Anomalies (Celsius). 

Here is something that we may need to watch. A huge slug of very cold arctic air (at least 30-degrees Fahrenheit below normal) heading south, out of Alaska and Canada, and into the U.S. in a couple of weeks.

The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction!





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