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January Ends & February Begins Really Quiet.

Boring Weather. Carlsbad, NM.   Roswell, NM. Long-range model forecasts indicate that there is absolutely nothing happening with our local weather over the next week to ten days. Boring appears to be the theme. Our latest National Weather Service forecasts for Roswell , Artesia , Carlsbad , and Hobbs call for high temps in the low 60's today, the upper 60's to near 70 Friday, the low 60's Saturday, the upper 60's Sunday, and the low-mid 70's Monday into next Wednesday.

Peak Wind Gusts Reported Tuesday, 1-29-2013.

NWS Mesonet Observations.   Our local National Weather Service forecasts were calling for westerly winds to gust up to between 60 - 70 mph yesterday, this failed to materialize over most of the local area, and thankfully so. A deck of mid-level clouds combined with the early arrival of the cold front yesterday morning prevented the stronger winds aloft from mixing down to the surface. Not that I'm complaining though because the dust was bad enough as it was.

Damaging Winds Today!

 RUC 500 MB Analysis At 2 AM MST This Morning. Blowing Dust Advisory. High Wind Warning Southern NM. Wind Advisory Chaves & Lincoln Co's. High Wind Warning Eddy-Lea Culberson Co's. Winter Weather Advisory Sacramento Mountains.  Red Flag Warning For Dangerous Fire Weather Conditions.   We are going to pay a price for our beautiful and tranquil wea ther that we have been experiencing recently. A powerful upper-level trough of low pressure will s wing across the state to day, and drag a cold front eastward with it. This is going to result in a very windy and dusty day across the area. The fire danger will be very high today due to the continued dry conditions and the high winds. Please refrain from any typ e of outdoor burning or the use of fire or sparks. Dam aging winds will be a possibility in some locations today . Westerly winds are forecast to increase to sustained speeds of 30 - 50 mph with gusts around 60 -70 mph across the south

Warm & Windy Today - Cooler Windy Tuesday.

Last Nights 06Z/11 PM MST NAM 500 MB Forecast. Valid At 11 AM MST Tuesday. High Wind Warning For The Guadalupe's. Wind Advisory For Lincoln & SW Chaves Co's. Windy weather returns to southeastern New Mexico today into tomorrow as our next upper-level storm moves across the state. Southwesterly winds are forecast to increase to sustained speeds of 20 - 30 mph today with gusts around 40 mph. These winds will become westerly and increase to sustained speeds of 30 - 35 mph with gusts near 55 mph on Tuesday.  Its already been pretty windy in the Guadalupe mountains. Overnight gusts so far include 60 mph measured at the Bowl Raws which is located just north of Guadalupe Peak, and 56 mph at Guadalupe Pass. The Sierra Blanca Regional Airport located near Ruidoso has clocked a gust to 52 mph as of 5 AM MST this morning. Areas of blowing dust may become a problem in some of our more dust prone locations, especially tomorrow during the higher gusts. Toda

Guadalupe Mountains Rim Road Drive. 1-26-2013.

My wife (Diane) and I, and our three dogs left Carlsbad, NM at noon yesterday, and took a drive down the Guadalupe Mountains "Rim Road", or "Forest Road #67." It is a 67 mile drive down this road along the spine of the Guadalupe Mountains from southwest of Queen, where we started, to just east of the Bullis Springs Ranch, southwest of Hope.  We saw some Virga , mule deer, and a double rainbow at the end of our drive. Not to mention some fantastic scenery. Our journey ended up being 186 miles long. It had been years since I had driven this route, and I had forgotten how much I enjoy this drive.

Maybe Some Rain Today...Perhaps Even A T-Storm.

Lots Of Radar Echoes This Morning To Our West.    WSI Intellicast Radar Snapshots At 9 AM MST This Morning.  GRLevel3 2.00 NWS El Paso Radar Snapshot. At 9:03 AM MST This Morning.   Lots of rain falling across Arizona, and parts of southwestern New Mexico this morning.This is courtesy of an upper level storm that is currently approaching from southern California.

Still A Chance Of Getting Wet.

Water Vapor Satellite Image At 4:30 AM MST This Morning. IR Satellite Image At 4:00 AM MST This Morning. Two st o rms are going to affect the area over the next week . T he first storm which is located southwest of San Diego , California early this morning will give us a slight chance of some light rain showers, and perhaps even a few isolated thunderstorms tonight into Saturday evening. What happens next week with the second storm is a much harder question to answer. Neither of the long-range models (the GFS or the ECMWF) seem to have a good handle on what next weeks storm is going to do.

Chance For Rain & Isolated T-Storms Saturday.

High Temps Reported Yesterday.    High Temps Forecast For Today. Once again we are going to see our afternoon high temps climb up into the mid-upper 70's today. Its even possible that a few spots could even reach 80-degrees.

Spring-Like Temps Today & Tomorrow.

Today's Highs. 00Z/5 PM MST NAM Forecast High Temps.  GFS Forecast Temp Anomalies Today. Balmy temps for late January are forecast to continue today into the weekend. Our National Weather Service forecast high temps today for Artesia , Carlsbad , Hobbs , and Roswell are expected to be in the low-mid 70's.  

Sitting Bull Falls In January.

  My wife and I took our three dogs (Harmony, Lightning, Thunder) for a drive yesterday. We went down Dark Canyon Road and ended up at Sitting Bull Falls , which is located southwest of Carlsbad, at the base of the Guadalupe mountains. I've never been to the falls in the winter and it was cool to see the ice on the cliffs from the waterfall.

Warming Up This Week.

First of all I have made some changes to my blog layout. I have introduced the "page break" feature which allows me to present a brief preview or snippet of my daily blogs on my main web page instead of the whole blog. Not to worry, because you will still be able to view my entire daily blogs in their full content. Simply click on the " read more " link at the bottom left hand column of each daily blog snippet, and this will re-direct you to the full blog of that day. This will also allow me to keep the last 10 blogs or so visible that I have posted on my main web page.  Take a look at the "Blog Archive"  section located in the right hand side bar located near the bottom of the main web page. I have changed the layout of this section also. Now you can click on any of the dates listed to view the blog or blogs that I posted for that particular date.  For those of you who are only interested in daily blogs, and not the full web page, you can view t

Mild & Tranquil Weather To Continue.

Northern Hemisphere Brutal Cold & Heavy Snow. Norilsk (Photo from

Beautiful Weekend Comng Up...Get Outside & Enjoy It.

Forecast High Temps This Weekend. Saturday,

Mid-Winter Thaw.

Ridge Of High Pressure Rules Our Wx.  Last Nights 06Z/11 PM MST NAM 500 MB Analysis.

Its Been Cold - But Nothing Compared To The Past.

Click On The Charts To Enlarge Them. Historical Climate Records For SE NM. (Top=  All-Time Lowest High Temps.) (Bottom= All-Time Lowest Temp.) Roswell, NM.    

Cold Today Into Tomorrow - Warming Into The Weekend.

Today's Into Wednesday. RUC 500 MB Temp Analysis At 2 AM MST This Morning.

Continued Cold With A Chance For Snow Into Wednesday.

Deep Cold Trough Over Western U.S.  Last Nights 00Z/5 PM MST NAM 500 MB Analysis.

Cold Into Wednesday With Snow Possible.

Blog updated at 12:55 PM MST. Low Temps This Morning.

Cold Weather Sticks Around Until The Middle Of Next Week.

Peak Wind Gusts Reported On Friday. At least it did not get nearly as windy as had been forecast for yesterday. Low Temps Reported This Morning.

High Wind Warnings Today - Colder This Weekend.

Deep & Cold Upper-Level Trough Of Low Pressure.  Last Nights 06Z/11 PM MST NAM 500 MB Analysis.   By 2 PM MST This Afternoon.

Guadalupe Mtn's Today - 1-10-2013.


Rain Ends - Winds Howl Friday!

NWS Mesonet 24-Hour Rainfall Totals. (As of 5 AM MST.)    Widespread moderate to heavy rain fell across parts of the southeastern plains of New Mexico and across parts of west Texas yesterday into last night. I measured a storm total (as of 5 AM MST) of .59" here at my home in Carlsbad, NM. This brings my January and Year To Date total up to 1.08" , which is rare for January. Additional local rainfall totals can be found on the CoCoRAHS web page, and via this link from the Albuquerque National Weather Service Office.  Next Storm Friday - High Wind Event! Last Nights 06Z/11 PM MST NAM 500 MB Analysis.  NAM 500 MB Forecast. Valid At 11 AM MST Friday. Midland NWS High Wind Watches. El Paso NWS High Wind Watches. Albuquerque NWS High Wind Watches. One storm departs the area today as another takes aim on the state for Friday. Unfortunately this next storm is going to track across Wyoming and Colorado, taking the northerly route

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