Hurricane Isaac Nearly Stationary Overnight.

GRLevel2-AE (Analyst) Snapshot At 6:15 AM MDT.

 GRLevel3 2.00 Estimated Rainfall Totals.

Seven years ago today,  Category 3 Hurricane Katrina was pounding the New Orleans and surrounding areas. As the sun rises this morning yet another Hurricane (Isaac) is battering the city and surrounding areas.

 As of 5 AM MDT, Hurricane Isaac was located about 20 miles southeast of Houma, or about 50 miles south-southwest of New Orleans. Issac had remained pretty much stationary overnight, but at times taking a jog to the southwest and west.

 His average movement now is to the northwest at 6 mph. This is forecast to continue today, although the possibility of additional wobbles in Isaac's track may also occur. The longer Isaac lingers or stalls in the area, the greater the impacts from the winds, heavy rains, and storm surge.

Isaac has sustained winds of 80 mph with gusts to 100 mph. Some gusts over 100 mph have been reported overnight at a few stations. Isaac has a central pressure of 28.64 inches of mercury, or 970 millibars. Once Isaac gets further inland he is forecast to weaken into a tropical storm. This may not happen for another 24-hours. 

Isaac's storm surge is reported to have topped  the 8' - 9' levee in Plaquemines Parish early this morning, with 12' -14' of flood waters driving residents out of their homes, and into their attics, and onto their roofs. Mandatory evacuation orders had been in effect, but an unknown number of residents refused to evacuate. An 18-mile stretch of the levee is reported to have been flooded this morning.   

Up to 20 inches of rain is forecast to fall on New Orleans and surrounding areas complicating the flooding issues from the levee over topping. Flash flooding will likely become more widespread today into tomorrow. The longer Isaac lingers the worse this will become. A Tornado Watch continues in effect, with several tornado warnings already have been issued. 

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