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Another Blistering Day.

Blog updated at 1:07 PM MDT.
Blog updated at 12:51 PM MDT.
Blog updated at 11:40 AM MDT.

Preliminary Low Temps This Morning.

High Temperatures Reported Thursday-

Pecos River - Near Orla, TX 112
Paduca Raws - Near The WIPP Site 110
Caprock Raws 110

8-Mile Draw Raws - NE Of Roswell 109
2.1 NNW Downtown Carlsbad 108
West Carlsbad - NMAQ 108
Carlsbad Airport 108
Carlsbad Climate 108
10 ESE Hagerman 106
Roswell Airport 106
Jal Climate 106
Artesia Climate 106
Tatum Climate 105
Hope Climate 105
Artesia Airport - HCN 105
Roswell Climate 104
Artesia Airport 104
NW Hobbs - KM5BS 104
Guadalupe Pass 103
Crossroads 102
Willow Wells 103
2 SW Tatum 102
Hobbs Airport 102
Dunken Raws 101
Bat Draw Raws - Carlsbad Caverns 101

Carrizozo Airport 97
Weed - DRO 94
Queen Raws 94
Capitan Climate 93
Mescal Raws - Mescalero 92
Mayhill Raws 91
Timberon 90

Smokey Bear Raws - Ruidoso 89
Sierra Blanca Regional Airport 88
Ruidoso Climate 88
High Rolls 88
Cloudcroft Climate 82
Dry Canyon - Cloudcroft 82
Sacramento Peak - Sunspot 81

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Tropical Storm Ernesto.

Tropical Storm Ernesto continues to battle wind shear which is inhibiting the storm from strengthening. At 6 AM MDT this morning Ernesto was located 40 miles west-southwest of St. Lucia. He continues his rapid pace westward at 24 mph. Tropical Storm Ernesto has sustained winds of 45 mph. A gust of 63 mph was reported in St. Lucia this morning as the storm moves near that location. His central pressure has dropped down to 29.59"/1002 MB.

Given Ernesto's current rapid pace to the west, he should be close to entering the Gulf of Mexico by the middle of next week. Conditions will become more favorable for Ernesto to strengthen in a few days as the wind shear he is currently battling decreases, and he moves over the warmer waters of the Caribbean. 

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National Hurricane Center.

2.1 NNW Downtown Carlsbad, NM 24-Hour Temp Graph

2.1 Downtown Carlsbad, NM 7-Day Temp Graph

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